Why Choose Budder?

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Easy to Operate

You can easily operate Budder’s intuitive delivery and distribution software interface without feeling like you need an MBA to comprehend it.

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Ready When You Are

Budder acts as your own personal assistant who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year managing your day to day operations.

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More Secure

Your business is safer with Budder as the platform provides efficient security protocols as well as keeping up with regulations like Proposition 65.


What Budder Can Do for You

What Budder can do for you

Complete Customer Control

Budder’s customer management works with all types of delivery and distribution businesses. It keeps track of multiple contacts in a single location, manages required documentation as well as providing a comprehensive customer credit system.

Product Inventory Management

With FIFO enabled inventory management, you won’t need to worry about moving aging inventory out of your warehouse as the software simplifies the process for you. With SKU, variation, batch, and bulk controls, Budder has your inventory covered.

From custom categories, to exclusive menus, Budder gives you the ability to sell your products the way you want, to whom you want.


Increase Sales Further with Customer Loyalty

When it comes to attracting, managing, and retaining your customers, you need to keep those customers coming back for more.
This is another area that makes Budder different than any other delivery and distribution software.

Increase Sales

Your own store online

When it comes to managing customer interactions online, we’ve got your back. A full-featured online store with your own custom domain name comes standard with every subscription.

Custom Real-Time Menus

Set products or even whole categories so that only certain customers can view them. Display your menu publicly, or require your customers to be logged in to shop. All products are displayed in real time so your menus are always up-to-date.

Customer Registration Portal

No matter what type of customer you service, or what documentation must be collected to register them, your customer registration portal will dynamically change based on the customer types you define. This is particularly useful for Micro-businesses or those with multiple licenses that deal with B2B and B2C customers.

Online Ordering

A full shopping cart experience for your customers to place orders that appear on the backend of your store, ready for your staff to engage and deliver.

User Interface

Budder’s Intuitive UI

Hey, we look good and we know it. Budder’s UI makes managing your delivery or distribution a snap with easy to
understand controls backed by comprehensive roles and permissions.

Budder UI

Beautiful UI

Easily navigate the simple but powerful UI of Budder. Budder can conform itself to a number of different types of jobs depending on the setup for each employee.

Customized Roles and Permissions

With custom roles and over 130 settable permissions, Budder can be configured to show only the areas and data that you want your employees to see.

Simple Employee Set Up

Create as many employees as you need and give them all different roles like drivers, salespeople, inventory specialists, and more. Assign vehicles, manage documents, and more.


Budder Will Automatically Handle Your Shipping Manifest

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Budder is for Delivery and Distribution

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Great for Delivery

Budder will help facilitate customer growth by notifying staff of all orders. This enhances customer to business interaction.

Budder is designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Your business will move ahead of other competitors and they’ll be left wondering what happened.

Your operations will run smoother and your business will accumulate more customers long term.

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Great for Distributors

Easily navigate the simple but powerful UI of Budder. Budder can conform itself to a number of different types of jobs depending on the setup for each employee.

Budder can also print multiple documents such as invoices, receipts, and shipping manifests with a single click.

Finally, you can have your taxation automatically calculated for each customer type you do business with.


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